Merrill's K9 Academy is excited to announce our new Northern Location! 

Our new trainer, Missy Pitcher, will be holding in-home private lessons, servicing the Northern Maine area!

Merrill's K9 Academy North


Merrill's K9 Academy - North offers private lessons for dog owners who want to work on specific training with their dogs. All classes are held in-home or in a public space for individual convenience. 

Our professional Trainers can address a variety of issues from biting, jumping, counter surfing, and barging through the door, as well as common basic obedience commands.

Our private lessons are great for families to all get involved in training. The flexibility of our private lessons allow us to focus on any commands from basic, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Please call us or reach out for booking - booking is not available online.

Why Choose us:

Classes are individual, allowing for a tailored training experience

In-home lessons to provide more flexible scheduling

One-on-one lessons with our professional trainers

Specific training styles are chosen to fit your lifestyle

Please call or email us for booking

(booking is not available online)



Additional Rates May Apply for Travel Over 1 hour