Merrill's K9 Academy is excited to announce virtual training options!

With the advancement in the ability to communicate with technology, Merrill's K9 Academy has decided to offer personalized virtual private lesson programs. From the comfort of your own home, MK9A trainers can help you through basic commands, setting boundaries, engagement exercises, and more! 

Virtual lessons are a great option for those who want personalized, one-on-one dog training for in-home problems. These lessons are not 1 hour long, but rather require an initial consultation where we create a 2 or 4 week in-home virtual training program to match your lifestyle. Once a week we have a quick video chat, discuss what the goals are, and then spend the next week sending training videos back and forth to perfect your commands and boundaries.

The virtual program uses Microsoft Teams to stay in touch daily, sharing videos, notes on daily training, and coaching one-on-one daily over the course of 2 or 4 weeks.

Why Choose us:

- Classes are individual, virtually in-home, allowing for a tailored training 

experience each week 

- Virtual lessons provide more flexible scheduling.

- In our course, you send videos whenever you do training!

- Specific training styles and lessons are chosen to fit your lifestyle

- One-on-one coaching is continual communication, which is key to creating a new lifestyle with your dog!

To Book Single 1-hour session:

To Book Virtual Course:

Please email, call or text with any questions: