Below is a list of services offered by Merrill's K9 Academy including Day School, Private Lessons, Virtual Lessons, and Group Classes.


If you are planning on attending any group classes (including day school, or agility), please sign up online or send us a message. If you do not sign up and it fills up, you may not be able to attend.


Cash/Check preferred at time of class.

Day School

Our Day School program is completely booked! If interested in joining, please fill out waitlist form (button below) or reach out for more information.

At day school, your dogs will get structured socialization with other dogs, while focusing specifically on training. Your dogs will learn that training comes first, even when in the presence of other dogs. With place beds around the training facility, your dogs won't be in kennels when they are not participating in play time, they will be on their place bed, working their minds, while other dogs are training around them in a very structured socialization environment! Consider day school the private school for your dogs!

Due to high demand, we have started accepted recurring bookings under a separate "Honors Students" Program. If you are interesting in booking on any of the below dates long term, please reach out and we can place you in the Honor's Class so your spot is held every week for the foreseeable future. Classes book up fast, so be sure to book ASAP or you will be placed on a waitlist!

Day school runs on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

Drop-off is between 7AM and 9AM

Pickup is between 3PM and 5PM

1 Day per week: $55 per day

2 Days per week: $50 per day

We are currently completely booked for Day School. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please click the button above and fill out the waitlist form.


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Merrill's K9 Academy offers private lessons for dog owners who want to work on specific training with their dogs. Our trainers work with you and your dog to come up with the best training option to create a healthy lifestyle and clear communication in your household!

Our training facility provides the ability to train in a neutral training environment. As training advances, we have the ability to easily introduce distractions in a controlled manner to as successfully work through every-day problems. 

MK9A Trainers are knowledgeable on a variety of issues such as nipping / biting, jumping, counter surfing, and barging through the door, as well as common basic obedience commands.

Our training focuses more on proper greetings and socialization. While our trainers are not taking on behavior modification clients at this time, our private lessons do cover teaching your dog to be neutral around other dogs instead of barking, jumping, and pulling at the end of the leash when they see other dogs.

Our private lessons are great for families to all get involved in training. The flexibility of our private lessons allow us to focus on any commands from basic, intermediate, or advanced levels.


Why Choose us:

Classes are individual, allowing for a tailored training experience

Focus on creating calm behaviors around people and other dogs

A controlled environment to add as many / as few distractions as necessary

One-on-one lessons with our professional trainers include your entire family

Specific training styles are chosen to fit your lifestyle.

1 Hour Private Lesson: $75
1 Hour Private Lesson - 2 Dogs: $100

For questions & booking, please reach out via our website chat or text/call 207-530-7141
NOTE: Due to high demand, we are only taking very limited behavior modification clients. Behavior modification includes dogs who have past bites and/or show extreme aggression towards people / other dogs. If you are unsure whether you qualify as behavior modification, please reach out and we can discuss!
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Our Basic Obedience group class allows your dog to learn in an environment with other dogs and a lot of distractions!

Over the course of 5 weeks, your dog will learn how to walk on a loose leash, heel, recall/come, place/stay, sit/stay, and down/stay. We use a positive approach to training and trouble-shoot any issues that arise during training your dogs. Each class is 1 hour long with 10 minutes at the end of each class saved for socialization. 

This class is perfect for puppies 12 weeks and older, as well as older dogs that just need a refresher!

*If you think your dog can pass our test and skip to intermediate obedience classes, or if you aren't sure what training to do with your dog, please sign up for our 30-minute consultation*


Why Choose us:

  • Spend an hour each class learning new commands to create a foundation for successful training.

  • Allow socialization between dogs at the end of each class to encourage structure when socializing in a safe environment.

  • Classes with other dogs will allow your dog to understand commands in chaotic environments.

  • We understand that each dog learns different and can adapt training styles based on your dog's needs.


Intermediate / AKC Canine Good Citizen

We have revamped our intermediate / AKC Canine Good Citizen class! During this course, we focus on increasing our obedience, while also adding a focus of greeting other dogs, greeting friendly strangers, calm behaviors during interacting with strangers. We expand on our basic obedience class with additional long distance down and sit stays, including leaving rooms, and creating an overall well-rounded and social dog.

Each class is 1 hour long and we invite new people to class each time to pose as our "friendly stranger" to greet your dog! Towards the end of the 6 weeks, we will take a trip in public to put what you've learned to the test!

The last class will be spent going through the AKC Canine Good Citizen test with the evaluator as well as ensuring all dogs have the ability to move on to our off-leash course if desired! Our trainers will trouble-shoot any problems before the last class to make sure you are more than ready before taking the test!

Why Choose us:

  • Classes focus on increasing obedience previously learned in basics class to create he foundation for off-leash trining.

  • In addition, this class focuses on creating a social dog you can bring in public that will stay under control.

  • This class will have a lot of distractions and real-life scenarios for you and your dog to work through, creating a strong bond and well-rounded dog by the end of 6 weeks.

*Basic Obedience Class is Required before joining*


Off-leash Obedience

Merrill's K9 Academy offers and off-leash training course to those dogs who have completed basic obedience and intermediate obedience classes. 

This course focuses on taking knowledge learned in the previous 2 classes and applying in an off-leash setting. We spend at least 3 classes in public places pushing the obedience we have learned in a real life environment.

Our off-leash classes spends 3 classes at our facility re-enforcing all the commands we have taught our dogs in a controlled off-leash setting before going in public. For the last 3 classes, we travel out in public and put our knowledge to the test in the community.

The off-leash class is a great way to set up a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog, so they can live their best and most free life with you!

Why Choose us:

  • This class focuses on real life scenarios that you will find yourself in, in public.

  • This course sets you up for a healthy off-leash, free, lifestyle with your dog, either in public or at home.

  • We incorporate e-collar training so everyone can learn how e-collars work and how they can be used in a correct, healthy way to benefit your dogs off-leash life. 

  • We understand how your dogs learn as we have had them in class before and can tailor the training to ensure that you get the most out of this class.

*Intermediate Obedience / CGC Class is Required to take this course*



Merrill's K9 Academy is very excited to be opening up an introduction to Agility Class!

Classes will run weekly and focus on the introduction to Agility as well as creating a foundation for training with agility equipment at the most basic level.

The focus of each class will be getting dogs used to different surfaces, working through agility equipment, learning your body placement and how dogs enter obstacles.  

Why Choose Us:

  • We have limited the sizes of our agility classes so dogs get more one-on-one focus.

  • Dogs will gain confidence working through different surfaces and obstacles.

  • Dogs will work their brains learning on agility obstacles and reading from your body language and positioning during training.


Prior classes are not required to participate in agility

*Does not include social hour at the end*

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Merrill's K9 Academy does not provide boarding; however, Anna Henderson has opened her own in-home boarding business, Maine Canine Company!

Click Link Below for booking and more information!

Maine Canine Company

For questions & booking, please reach out via our website chat or text/call 207-530-7141