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"The academy came recommended by a friend. Their dog was so well behaved and we wanted the same for our puppy. We did 8 weeks of private lessons as a family. Totally worth it. We learned the basics and keep working on them. We've been going to the dog social hour on Saturday and our pup keeps learning how to behave around other dogs. Plan on doing other classes soon. I can't recommend them enough."


"I’ve been taking my dog to training classes at Merrill’s since she was old enough to go! We’ve gone through quite a few of the classes and have loved them all. I’m actually planning to take more with them! My dog also attends day school and you can tell how much she enjoys her time there. I always get compliments on how well trained my dog is. The trainers, Sarah and Cody, are extremely knowledgeable and they are always willing to answer my questions. They are so helpful and genuinely nice and caring people. You can definitely tell they love my dog too"

"Sarah was an incredible coach during my training work with Baxter! He now listens, follows commands, and walks by my side when we go for walks. I worried that he was too far out of his puppy stage for training to sink in, but with Sarah's teachings and guidance, he did such a great job!"

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